The EARN Program

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(Chicago, IL) Med-Call Healthcare, Inc. has developed a program they call the “EARN” program.  This stands for “Employees actively recruiting nurses”.  It has become quite successful for them as their nurses get to be involved in the recruitment effort and be compensated properly.  Many of their nurses stand to earn significant income from this opportunity now and in the years to come.  While most companies simply pay a referral fee, Med-Call Healthcare, one of Chicago’s first staffing firms, pays a fee based on the hours their referrals work.  David Hoke, Vice President, explains, “We really appreciate our employees and want them to be involved.  If they refer someone that’s great and works all the time, they should get compensated properly. The more they work, the more you get paid.”
While this type of program may be a sign of things to come in the industry, Med-Call Healthcare is currently the only company in the industry offering something like this.  “We’ve always tried to do things a bit differently.  I suppose that is why we have been around so long.”  says Mr. Hoke

For more information, please call their recruitment department at 312.795.0765 ext 104.