Are You Burned Out?


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The vast majority of nurses state that they became a nurse because they have a passion for helping people. However, after a while they realize that the job is not as simple as serving others and it becomes extremely overwhelming.

Nurses become increasingly stressed as they struggle to meet the demands of their patients, families, physicians, along with their personal life. Many times, this stress causes a burnout in nursing. This combination of emotional and physical exhaustion can become a big problem if the symptoms are not spotted early enough.

Early indicators of burnout are difficult to notice, and all nurses need to understand the key symptoms. It is important to their well-being, and also to their patients’ safety.

5 Signs of Burnout in Nursing

1. Fatigue, headaches, back, and muscle pains
2. Sudden change in sleeping patterns and eating habits
3. Procrastinating and withdrawing from assigned responsibilities
4. Isolating yourself
5. Loss of motivation, sense of failure, and decreased job satisfaction

If you are a nurse, make sure to take notice of these as they are happening and address them immediately. Always remember that your patients’ safety is at stake and people rely on you.